Sunday, 17 January 2010

First day volunttering at the recording studio

Ok so just got back from my first day youth working down at the recording studio. Fantastic kids and very talented.

We are a non profit organisation bringing the chance for kids to practice and make music. Today we had some of our bands in the studio recording a track each to make a CD to sell for fundraising and to promote our gig next month, the rest will be in the studio next week.

If anyone has any fundraising ideas, would love to hear from you as in need of more equipment etc ...and heating!! we have no heating in the building and oh my goodness it's so cold in there.

I was there for 6 hours and I'm there every Sunday.

In other things, the little man is 17 weeks old today. Time has gone so quickly. He's trying to roll over now but he gets stuck and so annoyed with himself. He laughed for the first time on Christmas day which cheered us all up after Mum fell on ice and ended up in hospital.
He's a piccy of the little guy taken a few weeks ago. Everyone take care