Monday, 7 April 2014

Random pregnancy blog part 1

So I decided to write a blog about me and pregnancy after reading a few around. Might be a boring read for you but hey ho. (Some may be a bit TMI so warning for those who don't like reading about women's stuff :) )

I already have one child who is now 4, Ethan. Pregnancy with him was sudden and a shock. I had only been with my boyfriend for 2 months before we found out I was pregnant. On the pill and taking it religious I didn't believe the tests. I fell into depression and found I struggled to be even slightly maternal. Lucky I got my butt kicked to go talk to GP after our son arrived and things started getting better.
We all moved in together and started our family life. Things were going great so well we decided we wanted another child. However we decided to wait until we were married and had a bigger home.

Another year or so had passed and we booked our wedding for October 2013. The day would mark 5 years since we started dating. A house came up for rent over the road from where we lived at that time, even though pushed for money with the wedding, we decided to go for this bigger house. We moved in the April and kept planning the wedding. Every day that passed I was feeling more and more maternal and I was desperate to start trying for another baby. But the thought of not being able to fit into my dress (I already had it) kept reminding me it was too early to start trying or I'd have to sacrifice my favourite gown.

However I could wait no longer and we started trying in August. When I got my September period I was sad. But I knew it could take a long time to fall pregnant so quickly picked myself back up and focused on the wedding. When I worked out when my next period was due I was gutted. I was due on my wedding day, I'm usually on time to the dot so just prayed I wouldn't have bad cramps.

October came and it was wedding time! I had mild cramps but nothing bad. I thought thank goodness.
After the wedding was over I noticed I hadn't started bleeding, brilliant.. it was wedding night after all

The next day we arrived home and I still had mild cramping but again no flow. My husband told me just to wait as I had the cramps, it will come soon. I knew I still had a test in the bathroom and decided to take one regardless. Positive! I couldn't believe it. We were so busy planning the wedding the last month we were not really "trying" but it happened.
Excited I told hubby who was over the moon. I was also really glad I had little to drink on the wedding day.

We had a friend round that night, me not thinking, never put the test anywhere out of site. It was just in the bathroom and you could clearly see it if you went to the loo. So our friend found out that night. Though we made her swear to keep things secret for now.

A few weeks later I told my Mum. I expected her to be overjoyed but she was more 'can you afford it?' 'Why didn't you wait longer?' etc. Which bummed me out as I was so excited this pregnancy. Now though she's just as excited as me.

My first pregnancy was a breeze (except the depression) but this one had me having horrid morning sickness. I developed palpitations, dizziness and breathlessness and the MW and GP were not totally convinced it was just pregnancy so sent me to a cardiologist.
I was given a month sick note and advised not to drive because of the random dizzy spells. Great! Lucky work were lovely and understood.

The cardiologist requested some tests, I thought great get this done and find out what it is and sort it. Unfortunately I didn't expect it to take 3 months to get the tests and results. More time off work.

1st scan time! I was sooo excited! But the night before I couldn't sleep. I was nervous for some reason. I can't remember getting the scans done with my first pregnancy so I really wanted to enjoy this one. I woke up with sickness and diarrhea. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to rearrange the appointment since hubby took the day off work to come.
I couldn't let myself go to the toilet as I'd end up emptying my bladder too and I know they say you need a full bladder for first scan. I managed though and got the scan done. It was lovely, but would of been better if I felt well. The sonographer was lovely though and showed me where the bathroom was if I needed to escape the room, which I did but only just at the end.
One baby! Though we were both sure there were twins as I was showing from early on.

Lucky the morning sickness eased off around 13/14 weeks which made things easier. Then I started to feel something. I could feel the baby move. I never expected to be able to feel it so early on so I was over the moon. My Mum didn't believe me saying it was too early but I knew it was.

Over the next couple weeks things were going well until I noticed pain in my left hip. I mentioned it to MW who said it's likely to just be lying on it but let me know next visit if still there. After that the pain spread. Whole pelvis, coccyx, groin area was sore. Yup SPD referral time. I now have a belt and a yoga ball to try and help but it doesn't do much to be honest. Some days can't even bend enough to check things I have cooking in the oven.

The second scan I felt healthy so I could enjoy it much more. Everything was checked and everything looked great. My husband asked the sex, 95% sure it was a girl! If we could of chosen what we wanted, it would of been a girl so we were overjoyed!.
Names are proving harder to pick, we have a shortlist of 3 Willow, Scarlett and Kira. But no doubt the list will change, grow and shrink and grow again as the weeks progress.
The only issue with the scan was that baby was facing my back and wouldn't turn round so we never got a good picture from our second scan.

Apart from the dizziness and SPD, pregnancy has been going well.
I'm now into the third trimester- 28 weeks.
I saw my cardiologist yesterday who said we need more tests, some can't be done while pregnant as slight risk to baby. I called work and told them and we agreed I'd just go on maternity rather than using more sick time.

That's all for now I think. :)