Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Amazing friends

After having a very crappy fortnight with an ill son, website issues etc I needed a pick me up. Now the common joke in the NW circle is Fazer chocolate.. which I have now run out of *Hint to Cyntia!* However one of my friends sent me something in the mail which I got yesterday which is so nice and thoughtful.

Funny-ish sorry how I came to know him:

I met this guy called Alex via Nightwish UK, starting talking to him and offered my services if he needed any help in the future. It was around this time the first Escapist draft hit the net and as publicity I contacted John Two Hawks for an interview. Being the kind of person I am, I opened the questions to the members of Nightwish UK. Now Alex fully supported the idea while another admin did not, the mods were told to keep an eye on me and "this Tuomas fansite". I think she thought I was a bit of a crackpot (maybe I am...who knows).
Fortunatly Alex gave me the benefit of the doubt of not being some crazy fangirl and got to know me. Who would of thought those 2 or so years ago I would now be Tuomas' administrator of his official website and working alongside Alex in the Nightwish UK rebuild: The Islanders :) Funny how things work out. Lesson to be learned here, not everyone is some crazy "fangirl//nutter" give them the benefit of the doubt and talk to them before judging... you just never know who they really are or what they can achieve.

Anyway moving on to what I got in the mail. Alex is aware my Nightwish collection is a little lacking due to an ex and my giving nature to donate cd's etc to fans rather than keep myself. He knows I recently acquired Tuomas' lyrics to his first song "Nightwish", and that I no longer had Angels Fall First in my collection. Binding the two together he bought and sent me the collectors edition which contains the song "Nightwish" on it. Thank you Alex, such a thoughtful gift. He's coming down to where I live next week also so that will be fun, we call it a coffee and a brewski... other may call it Islanders Admin meeting :P

It was very kind of Tuomas to give me these lyrics and dare I say I had never listened to the song prior to owning these. So it was only a few weeks ago I heard the song for the first time and it was even more emotional for me to listen to it, since I could read through Tuomas' lyrics and see how he writes and his lyrics come to life on the page; rather than text on a screen or lyrics in a booklet.

I've started my Finnish studies again, I have acquired a little extra time and been practising what little Finnish I know on Plamen over the bast few days of chatting. Which leads me nicely into his interview, which is now on the website :) Some very beautiful words about our Ocean Soul on there.

And speaking of Tuomas, make sure you get to/register on our forums to see our plans for him for his birthday and Christmas.. it's going to be really special. But of course huge thanks to Kirsti Nortia-Holopainen (Tuomas' Mother) for helping me out big style with his Christmas gift, I was struggling with this but it would of spoiled the surprise for me to have asked him myself.

Well I have a free day today, no child as my Mother has him today. I do have a few translations to add to the website but nothing that will take too many hours. So I think a relaxing day in in order.
Until next time

As some people asked: Here is my current update of my office. Some people ask why since Tuomas is a friend, do I have him as my pc desktop wallpaper.. Actually I'll talk about this since some have went back to the fangirl thing.
It's not on there because its Tuomas... if you look closely you can see he's holding the websites book we made. That image sits on my desktop as inspiration to work hard and continue to strive to build the very best Nightwish community. It's an emotional image of Tuomas, I like to be reminded that he appreciates all we do and just how well that fans pull together.
Ignore the bad quality

"CC" :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's Thursday!! (yes would of been better if it was Friday here)

Since my last blog was my little video blog thing, this one will be back to basics text.

I don't have a great deal to report that's why it's been a while.

Well keeping the details out of it I left work so I'm currently job hunting. This has gave me plenty time to be a mum again and have plenty time to work on the site.

I've finished all the details for the competition and we will be announcing it once Anette has returned from recording in Finland.

We have a new Spanish translator working on the site due to popular demand.

I got a message from Plamen Dimov who was Tuomas' music teacher in school, and he want's to talk about him a little so we will be conducting an interview in the next few days.

Not much more really, see I told you I did not have much to report :)

Just keep smiling