Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's Thursday!! (yes would of been better if it was Friday here)

Since my last blog was my little video blog thing, this one will be back to basics text.

I don't have a great deal to report that's why it's been a while.

Well keeping the details out of it I left work so I'm currently job hunting. This has gave me plenty time to be a mum again and have plenty time to work on the site.

I've finished all the details for the competition and we will be announcing it once Anette has returned from recording in Finland.

We have a new Spanish translator working on the site due to popular demand.

I got a message from Plamen Dimov who was Tuomas' music teacher in school, and he want's to talk about him a little so we will be conducting an interview in the next few days.

Not much more really, see I told you I did not have much to report :)

Just keep smiling


  1. Yeah because a cool interview with Tuomas' old music teacher is obviously nothing to report! :P

  2. shush you! :P Or I'll lock you back in your cage naughty Wench...

    Ok point it was something rather cool to talk about.