Monday, 1 July 2013

And I'm still behind

The bad news is I'm still behind on work and postage, but the good news is my other jobs hours have increased. Which sucks for my Nightwish work but great for the bank and wedding plans.
I'm struggling for time, if I'm not at work I'm caring for my son. If I'm not caring for him I'm most likely helping my mother (doing really well after her operation but long road). I then come home and look at the list of work I've got to do for the fan club or the forums and think "I've got an hour before bed.. jees"
I do have 4 days off work coming up whilst Mam and Dad are away, so that should help me catch up everything.
Seriously though.. how did I used to do this? I worked full time when TH first went official and I was rebuilding and re-branding everything. When the hell did I have the time? For the life of me I have no clue!! I want to go back in time and ask my past self how the hell I did it because I need that help now.

I'm gutted today after my first "weigh in". I started really hard last Monday with healthy diet and exercise. Some days I could barely walk because of the exercise I did the day before. But despite pushing myself, I've only lost 1.5lbs. I have about 8 weeks to get down to my goal weight which is another 14lbs loss.
Yes I know the healthy way is about 2lbs a week and I'm fine with that, just when you put so much effort in, I expected a bit more show of results on the first week.

At least 90% of all the wedding things are done (except paying for it). Even had a laugh with Floor on skype the other night with wedding shoes. She thinks mine are fab but also thinks I'm insane having that heel size.
Just the little bits to buy now like Ethan's shoes and bridesmaid gifts etc, but the big stuff is sorted. Have a meeting on Friday to go through everything and taste and pick our menu. Get a free night stay that Friday too as a nice bonus.

Sadly however, London in August is definitely not happening, I just can't afford it. Which is a royal pain as it would of been useful to be down there but can't be helped.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

So far behind...

Once again I have failed to keep my blog up to date. I keep forgetting to post, don't have time or don't have anything interesting to say.

I'm finally moved into my new house but boy I was naive about how hard and time consuming moving is. I've never moved house before so I thought it wouldn't take long to pack things up, move then unpack... jeeezz what an idiot.

Moving home was a last minute thing. We were not looking to move at that point, though we were wanting to. We never really liked our last house. It was a bit small for us with zero storage and open plan to really make the heating bills big. With saving for the wedding, we decided not to look for a new house until after we paid off the venue. I however forgot to remove myself from the estate agent mailing list and I got an email with a house perfect for us. It left us with a moral dilemma. Did we move into this pretty much perfect house and eat into our wedding budget, or did we wait and look later knowing we might not find something for a while.
We thought that since we wanted to try for another child soon, either way the move would eat into some savings we needed so we decided to go for it. Lucky the landlord accepted us.. in the end, but we couldn't bring our cat with us :( I've had a few cats other the years but I've never bonded with one as much as this little ball of fluff, so not being able to take her with us was heartbreaking. Lucky a friend of ours took her, so at least we know where she is and can go and see her.
We only had about 2 weeks to plan and pack everything up to move, which I said earlier I thought would be a breeze. When we started to pack we found stuff we had not used in years and decided to de-clutter as we packed. I think we made 5 car fulls to the local recycling place just of random crap. To be fair, we still have unpacked boxes of crap so we could of been more strict about what to bring.

So we moved in and with it only being across the street, we never bothered with a van. We just carried or filled my small car with things and brought them over. Took us about 4 days doing this in-between my partner going to work. Typically a few days earlier my father managed to hurt his back, so I had to help lift the heavy things. Now I have zero upper body strength... zero! Carrying a huge sofa was a nightmare, I was pretty much useless. But we managed in the end.

(Living room decor.. sofa now replaced)
It's been about a month since we moved in and I'm still not finished. The spare bedroom is full of boxes and pictures... pictures I can't put up because of my paranoid landlord who won't let me paint and I have to check with her where to put each nail if I want to hang pictures. So screw that I went with wall decals instead. I have yet to organise my office space and other things. Lucky I mostly got downstairs finished:

However, moving has put a huge delay on my work. I'm about 2 months behind with things which is driving my crazy because I like being organised and on schedule.

Still ongoing:
  • Finish the Finnish forum template & spam accounts
  • Update the Islanders Fan Club site with the new merch and re-open subs
  • Finish mailing out the new Islanders merch
  • Finish mailing other outstanding items
  • Finish my friends pole dancing website
  • Write my bits for The Wayfarer 2
-there is more but this is all that pops into mind at the moment.

All in all I'm trying to catch up, but when I'm now working extra shifts at work, have a 3 year old who needs more and more attention, it's becoming tough.

I know if I knuckled down I'd get it all done within a week however I've done that kind of work load before and it killed me. I bet there are some people who will read this that will remember me being online through the night then continue through the day as well. I've been taking more 'social time' out on an evening. I put it in ' '  because does online gaming count as social time? Haha.

Things will start and quieten down soon so I can catch up then stay on top of stuff easy. This weekend should see the office stuff sorted and most of the mailing will be done. Once the house is finished, work will be easier. It's just a tug of war to decide which to work on. I need the house done to access my office stuff to work, but I also need my work done so I know which stuff I need unboxing. Because the room I'm using is full of suitcases and boxes, having the room to organise merch etc has been a nightmare. I can't wait for the house to be done and then it should all be plain sailing.

I'm now glad I'm not going to the Download festival with my friend, giving me more time to finish everything. And of course no jetting off to see NW this year either, which means all wayfarer stuff need to remember from last year.. and my memory sucks haha.

Let's see if I can keep this updated more regularly this time