Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nothing like a good rant

This time it has not been lack of ideas why I've not posted for a long time, simply time.
I've had so much on recently it's been tough. I used to have an assistant admin I knew would be looking after things if I needed a break, but now he left everything but the TH chat room so I have it all on my head. This isn't normally a problem, it's just bad timing. I'm not that healthy atm and have so many projects that are in mid production, I really could of done with him sucking it up and staying on board. Never mind. *Shakes fist at mojo*

I'm so far behind on the new Tuomas website it's unreal. I wanted it released for the new year, but then more crap happened and I just lost the time I had put aside for it. Hopefully I'll get it up in the next few weeks, it's typical as already showed it to Tuomas who liked it and I think the overall appearance is far more professional than the one we have up now. Ville let me use his pictures and I just got one off Denis too, so I will incorporate his on the site somewhere too.

(So far)

Another thing that was behind schedule was the making of Unity DVD. In the end we didn't get much footage so the DVD idea was scrapped and I nearly scrapped the whole idea. If I did not mention a making of to Tuomas in December and see his reaction of being gutted it was not finished then, I probably would not have bothered. So I turned the DVD idea into a small booklet. A 5-10 page thing with me and the musicians answering a Q&A and some pictures. The idea then progressed into a bigger project and ended up a small book of 45 pages and included testimonials of people.

(Front cover-hardback 45 page book)

So this is currently at the printers being made and I should receive it by the end of the week. Then it's a quick look over and then mailed to Tuomas so he get's it in time before he leaves on EU tour. One job done.

The forum is moving along, people finally starting to get used to it. Some people still cannot understand they can't be rude to other members and there are repercussions for rule breaking. I guess some older forums threatened action more than actually doing it, so people don't seem to be used to authority on boards. TH is as peace loving as ever. Don't know why but we have some of the same members on both forums and the attitude is totally different on TH to NWf. I'm sure someone would think it would make for a good physiological study or something :)

So off to Finland in 4 weeks time to see some Nightwish shows. Looking forward to it as I get to meet up with my crew, some of them I've not met before so I can see it being good fun. I have to drive to Alex's house in Glasgow (about 3-3.5 hour drive) on Thursday evening, I should arrive by about midnight. I'm sure we'll have a laugh watching some bootleg gigs etc. Then at airport in the morning for our all days travel to Amsterdam then to Helsinki-Vantaa then to Linza's place in Vantaa.
I'm just pissed off because the T-shirt printer I use has messed me over, and for months he's put back my T-shirt order. I'm currently searching for another printer, but if I don't get one in next couple weeks I'll have to refund people and scrap the idea. It's a pain as I knew some of the TH team were looking forward to getting team shirts.

I've bought a few new things for Finland and also Paris, knowing my luck it will be far too cold to wear any of them but we shall see. Perhaps a few shots and I won't care about the cold any more :)

Personal plee: Loads of people mentioned how much they love the NW Art calendar. I have a box full here to sell. So please have a look, if you are interested I'm going to discount them a bit more since it's now February.. so come on they are a one off thing and really cool. Gimme a hand and buy one/spread the word
(Click picture for more info)

I had loads more to say and rant about but since this is public... not the best idea hah! So until I have anything else to talk crap about.