Thursday, 5 May 2011

Brazilian invasion and Holopainen styled teasing.

Well it's been quite a busy week. Last Friday Cyntia came to visit, which was a good laugh. She arrived around 5:30am after an overnight bus trip from London, which is crazy if you ask me but then again I can't travel on buses without being sick. Her first day in the grand North East was the obvious tour around my small home (took all of about about 5 mins) and then we decided to go shopping. I took her to what is suppose to be the largest indoor mall in Europe.
We were there a few hours, bought some new shoes and some much needed coffee and food. Returning home to the "office" and nosing through my Nightwish things. Of course she constantly reminded me of how the hat is hers and not to put it in the competition :)
Next day we ventured to the local city, Durham. We walked around and up to the Castle and the Cathedral, she took loads of pictures. We than walked around the river where she took this picture of me and Ethan:
Went for food at Nandos.. well I say food, Cyntia just had chocolate cake :)
Sunday we didn't do much although we did go and see Troy at the cinema. I swear I must of drooled bucket loads over the guy in that movie, very nice. Heh. All in all it was a good weekend, sure will do something again soon :)

Rest of my week has been preparing the competition for the website. Everything is pretty much done now and it's all getting exciting. Although it does mean my Nightwish collection will soon be shrinking again when I sent the prizes to the winners. It gets announced on Sunday but if you want more info you have to go look on the forum :P
Forum hit 700 members this week which is awesome, but if all goes to plan that number will be jumping up very soon. We also have had over 160,000 visitors, which in our short life on this domain is damn good.

I have wrote up some more promotion and PR ideas to go through with Tuomas, but getting that man's attention even for 5 minutes is damn hard at the moment. Trust me though, if I get the green light for some of these.. you guys are in for a right treat.

Well I'll leave it there until next time............