Wednesday, 23 November 2011

10 months in the making....

Well as you guess from the title tonight I am celebrating the completion of The Unity Project. Dunno what that is? Well it's a project the website has done for Tuomas's 35th. Took us 10 months to complete it but huzzah! It was stressful at one point and didn't think we would finish on time. But with 1 week till I go give it to Tuomas we got there. There is a few little bits to finish, but next to nothing.

So far great feedback but apart from Pip Williams no one else will get to take a look at it until Tuomas does. Decided not even to show Troy in case of drunkenness in Helsinki and giving the game away, also decided not to email Kirsti it either. Plamen was originally going to show her but got too busy, perhaps I speak to her when return or I leave Tuomas to go visit with it.

Anthony has worked like a trooper on this, we expected it to have been a bit less work on his shoulders but nope! All of the other participants have been amazing. We did get let down by original drummer but the guy we found to record had it all done and too us in a fortnight, so big thanks to him! We have scrapped the making on DVD for it though as not all us were able to get footage, so doing a little booklet instead with some pictures and writings from some of the people involved. Just a small thing for Tuomas to keep with it. Now we just have to hope he likes it, I'm sure he will. Feel free to pop to the forum for a sample of it though and the full booklet here :)

I'm so glad I finished buying my own personal Xmas and Birthday gift for Tuomas. Just have 2 more to get for other people there, ordered 1 today for someone else. For privacy I won't give names but fingers crossed likes what we bought.

Tomorrow/Today (as its 01:13) is my last day off work before I go to Finland, I have to work 6 nights in a row to get the time off as work would not give me holidays. So I finish work at 8am on Thursday, then I come home for about 8:30. I'll have to watch Ethan a few hours till Mother is free, then I'll have a nap. Once I wake it will be action stations make sure everything is done and I have not left anything behind. I need to be at Durham station for midnight then the long drive to London then onto Gatwick. So my travel to Finland will be shit and will take the whole Friday but I guess it's worth it.

So now I sit here listening to the orchestral version of our song while typing the email to Pip. Lets hope he likes it too :)

Next update after meeting Tuomas!


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Travel fun

I finally have my trip to Helsinki sorted after about 4 months of trying to confirm a date with Tuomas. So I fly 2nd December and return on the 5th, so just a long weekend. Though I had fun organising it! Cheapest flight was from Gatwick and I had a free UK coach travel ticket with National Express. I read my email which said to redeem voucher call this 24 hour number. So I called about 07:00 and got the reply "can you call back at 08:00 as they don't start work yet", already a good start huh? I called back at 8 and told the girl I had a complimentary ticket and I wanted to go to Gatwick airport. I confirmed all my details and she put me on hold to confirm and 'use' the complimentary ticket code then came back to me for journey details. She told me coach I wanted wouldn't give me enough 'just in case' time to check in if there were delays, and persuaded me to get the morning coach instead however this means a huge 10 hour wait in the airport. She ended saying I'll have my ticket by email within the hour and that was it. About 6 hours later I still had no email do decided to call them to check she wrote my email address correctly. I got through to some miserable idiot called Keith, who I explained my problem too. The conversation went like this:

K: "okay to help I need your ticket number"
C: I don't have my ticket to give you the number.
K: the booking agent should of give you one.
C: sorry, nope.
K: okay, can I have the card details you made the booking with?
C: it was complimentary, I did not use a card.
K: then there is no way to find your booking.
C: you're joking? Not by name and postcode?
K: I will check with our other department and call you back. This may be classed as a lost ticket and you may need to pay again.
C: I didnt pay.

So he hung up and I waited for the call back. 10 minutes later he called and got me to confirm all the details over again.

K: what bus were you traveling with?
C: think it was the 00:15
K: think or was it?
C; it was!
K: ok the complimentary code was used but we can't find any booking. As the code was used you will have to class it as a lost ticket
C: erm don't think so, the girl made an error can't you tell the complimentary code was used today?
K: yes
C: so I obviously have not used it yet or I would of been on the coach or have used in the few hours between calls
K: one moment please....okay we can go ahead and make another booking.

Grr Im seriously considering complaining about him, get them to listen to the recording as he was plain rude in tone.

Bah at least it's all sorted, though the 24 hour start to finish will kill me. Bus 00:15 arrive Finland 23:45.

I actually had more in my head to talk about but after this vent it's all gone hah.