Sunday, 21 August 2011

Long nights

So finally I found a paid job. As much as I love working for Tuomas, it just doesn't pay the bills. So after few month of searching I now work in a care centre.
It's completely different to how I expected, it's not an ordinary elderly persons home as there is also a dementia and metal health unit attached to it.
So I started a week ago and was told I had to stay on the metal disorder unit as I have no training in safe moving and handling of people. At first I thought 'oh great, mental on first days..' but it was actually not bad. Then I got moved to night shift which is 20:00 - 08:00 and worked 60 hours on my first week....crazy.
So I'm writing this on the last night on my first week and in exhausted. I'm also on the demetia unit which is horrible, especially after the silent and well behaved mental unit. Here you are shouted at, slapped, pinched etc if I had to work day shift while these people were awake the 12 hours of way could I think I could keep it up. I suppose I'll get use to the ways but it's very daunting and actually a bit scary, I hope I get used to it anyway.
It's only been a week but in sitting looking at schedules and think to myself just how the hell can I keep up the PR for Tuomas with the increasing lack of spare time with the amount of hours these guys want me to work. So I'll be honest, during these long nights while the residents slept, I have been sitting thinking about if it's worth pushing on and working the amount of hours at the care centre and the Nightwish stuff...or did I think I'd drive myself insane with constantly working. Result: I'd never quit working with Tuomas, regardless of the amount of hours I work in the care centre. Simply worked too hard to get our site to where it is today. Besides I know I have a kick-ass team that I can rely on to look after the community while I'm not at the pc.
Next week I'm only working 4 nights instead of the 6 shifts I did this week....yeah 1 day off on my first week. So hopefully it will stay at 4 in future.

So apart from all that going on I have two trips to London. One for the Pip Williams interview and Nightwish UK (The Islanders) launch party. Bit disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm from some UK fans about the event, takes a lot of planning and organising. The TH gathering was fantastic in Feb, over 20 people which is great as we were no where near our size and popularity that we are now. Also it was a weekday and not weekend so fingers crossed we get a good turnout for this one.
Then I'm back up for a week and back down again for more good stuff and to pin Sarah down for her tattoo :)
So its all going on atm, things I can't yet disclose but keep an eye on the site news over next few weeks :D

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