Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Midnight ramblings..

As if you couldn't guess from the title it's midnight here and thought before I get wrong again I best update.

Been really busy with work recently, move departments at work and after 1 days training I'm running it for 2 weeks..can anyone say stressful? This leaves me with a few small problems:

1) The department I've moved onto is Business and its peak sales in 2 weeks time for 6 weeks, anyone who works on business is not suppose to have any holidays during this time. I think I'm going to have to fight for my February holidays.

2) working full time hours, coming home and being a mum/administrator is getting hard to juggle. This will settle in time, but because I have so much to plan with London and upcoming things; I'm starting to stress a little. Little things like disagreements of members/staff which I would normally just shake my head at are annoying me and I have to "bite my tongue" so to speak.

I'm just glad I heard from Tuomas today with regards to set time and location to meet with him. It's one more thing not to worry about, as main panic was he would wait till in London and inform me down there when and where. I like to plan ahead. The man always had a way of making me smile with his correspondence.
But also on a good note, I'm closing submissions for the gift on Saturday this week. This will give me plenty time to get it right.
I still have to go through the member submissions again for interview questions, they are due an update so will try and do that when I finish work on Sunday. However that may go out of the window as a nap may be in order after being awake late Saturday night/Sunday morning for the Habs v Ducks game myself and Tuomas have a bet against each other on.

I was interviewed recently by Lerren of Nightwish Russia, they have not got it online yet. Hope they do soon as some of the answers I gave are about upcoming things. The interview took 3 hours, I couldn't believe it when I checked the time when we were finished.

Anette will be having a competition soon, which I will promote for her but I won't be entering it. I think I'm privileged enough in the realm of Nightwish not to take the chance away from someone else.

Well I cannot think of much more to say except zzzz so goodnight

Thursday, 13 January 2011

1 month to go....

.. till I head to London. The nerves are already kicking in which is a bit stupid as spoken to Tuomas now for close to 3 month, but meeting in person still messing with my head.

Everything is about finished with the gift from the website to him, which is a big weight off my shoulders. For a while I didn't think we would get anywhere near to finishing it but I'm very impressed and it looks great.

More people than expected are going to turn up to the fan gathering also, which is fantastic for a first turn out. Probably do the second in the Netherlands.

Had a busy day today, more designing of things and plotting various things. Found the time to go shopping for Anette's gift too, so that's one more thing to cross off my to do list. Also got my makeup done today with some hints and tips on application so when we take photos in London I don't look terrible.

Finally found someone to loan me a slr camera too. Was Tuomas' idea to take some pictures but unless he had a camera I was a bit stuck with my 5mp digital camera. So good that I don't have to worry over this any more hehe. Only have few more things to sort then I'm about done.

Well to say good bye here's something which got me laughing from one of the comments from Anette's blog

Have a giggle at that and take care!

C hugx