Thursday, 11 June 2009

Early wake up call...

Thanks goes out to my local council who woke me up with roadworks at 6:45 you can imagine I woke up not the happiest bunny in the world.
The lil' bump decided to be pretty active last night also so even less sleep than usualy (according to all mums I've spoke to...I better get used to it)

Been busy updating my Tuomas related sites today, both my unofficial fanpage and my msn group.

Addy is in my profile, feel free to come and join us.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cazz - lovely to meet another fan from my area :) And congratulations on the bump, when are you due?

    I missed Nightwish last year as I was on field work - did you make the gig at the Academy - nor could I go to London to see Tarja in 2007 - I do believe I am jinxed when it comes to both artists!

    Anna (from LJ via Anette's Blog)