Sunday, 13 September 2009

Clock watching.........

OK after getting wrong again for not updating.. here we go.

Nothing much been happening so that's why I havn't updated really. I'm into my 39th week of pregnancy, If he arrives on time that it. Due date is 19th September (Same day as NW's last gig which I was going to attend- think I'm getting something better though....sorry guys and Anette)

Still no name. Got to the point I've asked nearly everyone I know incase someone has some brainwave of the perfect name as It's starting to stress me out.

If anyone is bored enough and wants a chat say hi. I'm around pc most of day (have fear of waters breaking in public hehe)

Take care everyone



  1. Hi Cazz - you said hi over at my blog - after seeing me on Anette's blog.

    Just wonderin' - have you had your baby yet???


  2. Hii there,
    I just wanted to say that your son is the cutest little guy ive ever seen =')
    Hope everything goes well with the baby and yourself =)

    Lots of love, Lisa <3