Thursday, 18 November 2010

Been a while- keep getting told to write soo

So it's been a while since I made any kind of blog update but I've been really busy recently.

Things are good for me at the moment, the little one isn't quite so little anymore, he's 14 month old and I cannot believe it.

Most of my spare time is spent working on Tuomas Holopainen's website, trying to get it finished. We are currently translating it which is what is taking the time at the moment.
Timeline of the the birth of the site to future plans:

Approx dates-
2002: Initial idea for a site came to mind: lack of funds and time put my plans off.
2004: Revisited the idea again and started to think of designs but real life made me put on hold again.
2007: Found the existence of a official Tuomas site already, so used that but did not use forums at first.
2008: Noticed the official site had stopped updating, idea for site came back to mind.
End 2008: Fans of Tuomas pushed me into starting the project as they were angry the site had been abandoned.
2009: Purchased The Escapist initial domain and host, not really happy with 1st design but stuck with it for the moment.
2009: Due to a not so great pregnancy I kept the site updated but I was unable to give time to a redesign at that moment.
2010: Decided to finally redesign the site and relaunch it. Bought a new host that was more reliable for higher amounts of visitors and relaunched and promoted the site.
2010: Website became really successful, was at this point I started talking with Ewo from King Foo. The idea of a competition came to light.
2010: Gained official status, announced competition. Thanks to Anette and Jarmo at for the support.
2010: Slight site redesign and adding 6 languages and direct conversations with Tuomas begun.

Future: Meeting with Tuomas in February 2011. Some exciting things coming to the site after this. *Keeping it shush but it will be really good*

Since 9th October when we moved to from the original domain name, we have had 27,000 visitors.

So that's basically a very quick overview of the websites life. Of course I could go into more detail but we would be here all day.
Have some fantastic people work on the site with me, a big thank you to them for the ongoing support.
A huge personal thank you to Tuomas, Anette and Ewo.

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