Thursday, 28 July 2011

What is the strangest place you've blogged from?

...answer: my bath- right now

That's right this blog update comes live from my bathtub. Chilling out with a glass (large one) of whisky, some good tunes and my blog. But what could I possibly want to write about while bathing? Well nothing bathroom related so don't worry.

But what I will talk about is how reached 2000 registered members today, which is a great milestone to pass... With a new goal insight of course. Its took 10 months to get these sign ups, all this with
*no official forum link
*a 1 band member page
*quite a news quiet band (ie no releases)
So impressive. I think the last time I gave an update to Tuomas we were sitting on 1500 and that wasn't long ago.
Of course it's a lot of hard work keeping the promotion and activity ongoing to draw in more interest. It sounds easy, post news as and when and throw a competion up bi-annually. Erm no. If you ignore basic promotion, even if media silence, then you get bored members who wonder away and don't attract new ones. After all, without a community a site like this will be dead in no time. I know. The first attempt to publish this site failed miserably, non existent community and no prospects. But I didn't give up, got a rebuild (4th gen now) and changed my methods. By pure accident I fell in with Ewo which helped phase 2 of relaunch. The rest is history.
So what's next? Lots!!! I have loads of ideas to discuss with the boss in December and a few little things in-between. 1 you have to wait and see, and the other is the Summer games; which is just a bit of fun for members...but that's what this is all about, fun!

But could I do this alone? Hell no. Without the TH Team (dubbed by Tuomas as "mindless ghouls") I would never sleep and never be able to keep it running so smoothly. We anticipate an increase in activity when we have a single release, so I'm glad to have a team I can trust. I could wonder away on vacation for a week and not have to worry. But that's a dream although I could use one.

So it's time to stop soaking here and turning into a prune.


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