Monday, 3 October 2011

Life's full of obstacles 

I don't have a huge amount to update, most of this will be random rambling. Well the last couple of weeks have been a mixture of ups and downs, yet mostly downs. The main 'down' which looms over my head at the moment like a dark gloomy storm cloud is kinda private so it's only a need to know basis. Although I will say I have an operation on Friday and will be out of action for an unknown period of time. However to switch it around, finally getting closer to organising visiting Tuomas. We are slowly narrowing on a date... Now it's a concern of money for the flight with only 1 pay in between now and booking flights. But it will be fun to go over with the gifts and just see his face. He was excited and curious in London so I'll have to make sure I have plenty tissues with me. Just need to find guitarist to help with the song which is stressing me out to no end. We did/do have one, but I'm not convinced of their dedication to it and if we will actually get some material which will leave us with yet less time. It sucks how much composers let us down on this project not informing us till the last minute...hello stressed enough here! You know we do a lot for fans on the site etc and we just asked for something quite small in return yet now I've had to throw more and more work onto Anthony's shoulders and he is already snowed under with his degree course. But fingers crossed it all comes together. So I'm sat here at work hoping all the residents behave while having a cup of tea. Pretty bored hence the blog update. I'm sure I had more to say when I contemplated writing this. Oh well I guess if it comes back to me I can always edit this :)


  1. Thank you for the update Carol...I hope the dark, gloomy cloud goes away quickly for you and you are all better soon. Too bad about the stress you have but somehow things always seem to work out...and you know how much Tuomas appreciates his gifts!!

    Take care!!!

  2. I hope I have also reason to visit then in Kitee. -HooPee

  3. One word to cheer you up? April.

  4. Oh, sorry about the dark clouds, but they only temporarily cover the sun. You'll see it shine again! Hugs to you!