Friday, 17 January 2014

Cardiologist round 1

So I finally saw my cardiologist yesterday, a really nice lady actually.
We arrived early and I started by having an ECG, same extra beat showing up as in all previous ECG's. Which to be honest was a relief. I wasn't feeling that ill, which made me worry a bit that the tests I was going to have wouldn't reveal anything.
After the ECG I waited an hour for the doctor. We were early and she was 20 minutes behind, wasn't a big deal. The cardiologist went through everything, got me to explain exactly what I was feeling and such. She listened to my chest and could hear the extra beat. She explained in basic terms that my heart is having an extra beat, that beat has the chamber full of blood so needs a big beat to push out the blood and this chamber is more full of blood than usual. Then my heart tries to "reset" itself into a normal rhythm. This works for a few beats then repeats.
People can have this occasionally, but to have it 24/7 and for it to increase in severity is more unusual. The fact I'm getting dizzy spells and breathlessness with this is the cause for investigation. I could take some beta blockers to help the rhythm but being pregnant, it poses a risk to baby so that's a no.
She wants me to have a 24 hour monitor on and a 24 hour blood pressure machine, but I have to wait for the appointment to to come in the post to get them. I'm also waiting for an appointment for an echo cardiogram. She want's an MRI but again the contrast fluid poses a risk to baby so we are going to wait for that until baby is here unless things go really tits up.
I have a sick note for work for a month from my GP, only thing is I'm not seeing the cardiologist for another 8 weeks (unless something shows on tests). So I'm worried what work will say. If I magically feel better then I'll just go back to work, but if this stays the same then I can't drive. I won't risk it.
So last night I came home and it was just before bedtime, I started to feel unwell again. I went to bed and tried to ignore the strong palpitations, dizziness and breathlessness but it got me down. I have to put up feeling like this until I get an appointment for the things above. Which could be weeks away. Some days I can't even stand for more than a few minutes.
I'm still to call work, I chickened out today, I'll have to let them know what the doctor said even though my sick note is in and covering me for now. I love my job and my bosses (very rare) but now I'm worried that I might get let go.

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