Sunday, 6 February 2011

As the event approaches

The countdown begins..1 week to I head to London.

I made a list yesterday of things I still have to prepare before I go. I was shocked how much I still have to do. I have been working full time hours at work and also took on another project recently so I've been spreading my time out a little too thin it seems.

So far we have 27 people confirmed for the website gathering which is fantastic. The interview questions are set for Tuomas so at least the biggest things are done.

The "other" project I'm working on is building the site for the new Nightwish fan club for the British Isles.. it's going really well which is fab! ( I'll present the site and the idea to Ewo in London and introduce a letter from the club administrator to get the official status back for the club. Obviously we are sorting this out as soon as we can in advance of the album release etc so we can look at some fan related things.

I'm sorry for not updating regularly, hopefully that will change soon. But I do have more things I'm working on too so I cannot promise as many updates as what Anette does for example hehe... but of course I am far less interesting than her.

One suggestion someone had was if I could made a video blog of me and my work area when building Tuomas' site.. so I thought why not. I'll probably have a go on Tuesday with this.

So for now all take care- I will update on Tuesday


  1. *hugs Carol*
    Hehe, I'm very excited for the interview you are going to make because it might be the best one ever. ;)

  2. Hi Carol,

    I got to your blog through Anette's...

    I see you are a web administrator.

    Well, I'm the administrator of a Nightwish Community here in Chile (south-america) and i've been trying to get the Official status from the band, but haven't been able to accomplish that.

    Could you help me a little bit? Just an email address for me to send my petition. Please :)

    It's so nice to have news about the band and been able to know (at least, through internet) other people working with them :)

    Thanks a lot

  3. Hi Carol,
    So the meeting is coming with big steps. Please don't push yourself to much - I'm sure everything will go as you would wish to be.
    Take care