Monday, 14 February 2011

The night after the event

Well it has been an interesting day. From sick with nerves too all gone in one tight hug. But I'll come back to this.

Myself and Sarah were up most of the night watching Nightwish in preparation for meeting with Tuomas later the next day. After 5 hours of DVD watching we called it a night.
Woke at a not so pleasing 7am but could not get back to sleep so lay there on msn for an hour or so before breakfast. It's hard to eat anything when you stomach feels like it's going to turn itself inside out with nerves, but the typical British cup of tea helped wonders.
After a few hours we were ready and sat in bar overlooking lobby so I could see when Tuomas came down from his room. I caught a flash of purple out the corner of my eye and instinctually knew it was him. Went over to meet with him and was greeted with him practically diving on me and a big hug, as I said earlier.... Nerves instantly gone.
We sat and he said "I have some gifts for you I hope you dong mind" my reply was of corse I don't mind and I have things for him too, he then insisted on going first and lifted out a huge collection of gifts. One thing which I will treasure forever is he gave me the original lyrics to the song Nightwish, which are his very first lyrics he wrote. I couldn't believe he gave me them.
I then gave him my gift, a Teemu Selanne collectors hockey framed signed picture etc, he freaked and loved it. Then we gave him the book from fans. He was so overwhelmed he was practically in tears at times. He promises to read every one of them and he was adamant he had to write a message to the website expressing his thanks.
We did the interview which he really enjoyed which we filmed and get online. All in all a great day, even got to meet Pip, Jukka and Ewo which was cool and they hung round about 40 mins or so too.
So it's 1am now and i'm getting tired.
So goodnight all!

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  1. I'm so glad you had such a great meeting with Tuomas (and the others), I've been quietly keeping up with all the news on your site - didn't realise you had a blog until I saw you post on Anette's blog. :)
    Really looking forward to seeing the interview, thank you for all the work you do!
    Kath x

  2. That sounds wonderful Carol! I'm glad all of your hardwork paid off :-)

    As a sidenote, I read this and thought you, being a NW/Tuomas fan, would enjoy it...shoot even Tuomas would enjoy it I think:

    Thanks for all the updates! Take care and know that everything you do is greatly appreciated!!


  3. I'm really happy for you Carol you got to meet the Maestro. You reserved it after what you have all done. You're our superwoman ;)

  4. Thank you for a great interview with Tuomas *__*
    Nice to see your pretty face:)

  5. Thanks Carol for the interview and the videos :D Awesome interview, pretty "natural", love it ;)
    Tuomas is such a good person *_*