Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Job interview goodness and other random stuff

Well normal service is now resumed after my bit of venting in my last update.
Beginning of last week was a bit crappy. Had some suspicions confirmed over things concerning a team member working on the site, and it took a while to get proof and sort it out. Things got better towards the end of the week and into the weekend though. I dealt with the issue and employed a new staff member to replace the recently departed. I wasn't going to replace, but Liz is already on good terms we the rest of the team and she's just as crazy as us all too. She also bothers to come on IRC.. so that's a good start :)
So we have some good things happening with the site, but I'm not going to write about it yet- You will have to wait till after the staff meeting on Saturday :) It's all exciting stuff...and I like to tease :))

Another good thing that happened was the disappearance of that 'hate' blog I mentioned last time. It was updated 2 more times until it was taken offline. It was funny at first, but towards the end it was just becoming annoying. I have suspicions who was behind it, but as long as nothing else surfaces I'll leave it alone.

I hopefully will be having a TH team member come visit me for a few days back end of next week, our resident loony Cyntia. It should be a good laugh, although there is not a huge amount to do around here. I'm sure we will find something to do, although I will have to make sure she doesn't drool too much on Tuomas' hat while she is here :)
Speaking of Tuomas, I had a good chat with him a week and a half ago. First time that I remember he was sending emails in real time so didn't have to wait the usual week or two for a reply. Again more plotting and more ideas, but have to wait till June for that when he goes home ...again more teasing :)

I applied for a great job recently and I've been waiting to hear from it, I got a phone call today that I have an interview which is a big relief. The job isn't perfect, I mean it's working in a petrol station. However the hours and pay would be perfect, as well as practically on my doorstep.

So at present I'm enjoying my time at home with my toddler as hopefully I'll get a job soon. If I want to have the chance to be able to book and afford Kitee at the end of the year followed quickly by the Nightwish tour, I'm going to have to start and put some money away.

So until next time :)


  1. You and Tuomas are the masters of teasing. :P Good luck for the job interview. I'm sure you'll do great and get the job. :D


  2. Good luck with the interview and if you EVER moan about Tuomas teasing you................... :)

  3. Yes! I shall HUG you to DEATH!! :) I also just realised that you said I 'bothered' to go on Chat... i practically LIVE there :P

  4. Good luck with your interview!
    All hail the mod god!..Even if she is a bloody tease! :P

  5. Good luck with the interview!! ~V

  6. Ah, what about all the teasing? :P

    Good luck with the interview! I had one myself yesterday. Not the funniest of things. I hope you don't get too nervous :) And that you get the job!