Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Plotting, back-pain and others

Well since my "Pillow" kindly reminded me my blog needed updating, guess what I'm doing?

Last few weeks have been a mixture of good and bad. The development of a bad back and now flu like symptoms make me think yet again I'm burning the candle at both ends, coupled with some misunderstandings; things got pretty low recently.

Things quickly picked back up after everything was cleared up, my staff gave me a whipping. Also Plamen's DVD of Tuomas playing the sax helped too, nice of him to send it for us to put on the website.
Also some good proactive plotting with Tuomas always makes me smile, but I was also involved in getting a Brazilian Nightwish forum online.

We were talking about the idea for this forum for a while for various reasons I won't go into except Brazil had no official forum. A chat to Ewo got the status sorted and then we got it all together. Of course my non existant multi-lingual skills means I'll promote only for Luis and Cyntia, but if it helps.. great. http://nightwishforum.com.br/ is the address you need to check it out. 70 members in 2 days though, amazing!

Another cool thing that happened was Alex from The Islanders visit to Durham. He came down here and hung out at my place, tried on Tuomas' hat hehe and next day I showed him around the city and we sat in the hotel a few hours planning the fanclub. Made some good progress and ideas, including getting contact with Troy Donockley.

Bit of a mess this blog but while typing this I also have 8 open conversations going on hehe. Will have some cool reports in a few weeks, so until then...Ciao


  1. Finally an update!!
    You lazy P

  2. I sincerely hope all who read this know what and who "Pillow" is, else you are risking as coming off quite.. special :D

    *Hugs for you*

    Again with things being misinterpreted "staff gave a whipping" uh-huh :P

    And lastly, did you remember to share the Fazer?

    Birdie :P

  3. Birdie...don;t spread the news about her...Pillow is....errr...Pillow, let alone...
    Fazer no share of Fazer...sorry...

  4. No no, no worries, no spreading the news :D

    I should have known about the Fazer tho...

  5. *sends some virtual hugs to the mod god*
    Your pillow was right with the update. ;)