Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ruse revealed

Well lets start with what I said about keeping quiet till after the staff meeting weekend gone. I kind of lied about having new ideas to share with the team this weekend, it was all a ruse. I had organised with Tuomas around 3 weeks prior to come onto the chat room to meet the team etc, so I wanted to keep it a surprise. We had a lovely night, he joined us for around 2 hours and steadily getting more and more tipsy. He made us laugh a lot, taking his "boss" role seriously and ordering people to misbehave...something I will wind him up about at a later date. He really enjoyed it and thought it was a really cool experience, and he did really well for a chat room first timer. I'll get him back on in the future.

I went for the job interview today- it was ok but I don't think I'll get the job. By the way they described the role I don't think I have enough experience for it. Also the fact they have 32 people going for the job. So we will see hopefully next week. But I may have another thing coming up soon so time will tell.

Should have some nice website updates soon, have something with Tuomas' mother in the pipeline so we will see if we can sort something out. I'm also working on some new promotion ideas, nothing concrete to share yet but as soon as I do and I speak to the boss; I'll share.

When I thought I would do another blog update, I expected to write more.. but now that I have started it seems I don't have a much to say as I originally thought.

Oh well- until next time


  1. You plot too much! With wayyy too many people!
    That said, good luck with any future job possibilities!

    Birdie :D

    PS. I don't think I commented on the biggest topic of the post haha. Braving the IRC! Give 'im a gold star :P

  2. That was really cool, and he was relaxed.
    Great surprise in all senses :)

  3. You forgot to mention that you were hinting for those 3 weeks too! Eeevil Carol :)

    Haha that was a fun night :)