Sunday, 10 April 2011

Open "letter" to the critics

Okay I thought about this for a bit, and recently events I wont go into made me decide to write this as a blog people can read.

Well lot of people I know are aware we get some great site support, but there are people on the internet still spreading false rumours about me and even a "hate" blog. (For the record this blog actually made me laugh more than offend.)

To the critics etc
Yes I do read all your emails, and yes I do not answer them for a reason. I see no need to take precious time out of my day to reply, hence this blog post.
First of all lets address the "fangirl" and "only doing this site to get close to the band/get things" comments.
  Number 1: I had the idea for some kind of dedication site etc, long before I knew who Tuomas truly was. I really only knew his musical creations should have more support. This was around 2000-2002
  Number 2: When I first created the site it was never intended to seek official status or get "close" to a band member or gain access to any perks that would of came with the position.
  Number 3: Do you really think I would of been given this opportunity if Tuomas/Ewo even slightly suspected me as a "fangirl" etc.
  Number 4: I do not demand Tuomas does things or gives things to the site. Anything he has done for us has been from his own wishes or out of casual discussion of ideas.

I won't go into some of the stupid rumours people are talking on the net, but seriously.. how old are you guys? Spreading false rumour why? Jealousy? Immaturity? You really need to just grow up a bit and just be happy that there is a dedicated team supporting Tuomas and doing promotion for him.
To those criticising me supporting various Nightwish sites.. why? I heard that it was stupid for me to support sites/communities that speak languages etc I don't speak. I fail to see the issue here. I have the TH site in other languages, and if other communities are doing a good job or aiming for a goal I think is a benefit to fans, of course I will promote this to the best of my ability. End of the day, yes I run the TH site but I also try my best to provide support to Nightwish fans across the net; no language/country restrictions.

To those who still think that I am some obsessed fan, come talk to me. We have a chat room on the site and I am regularly online. I'm an open person to any questions and I have had people come to me as sceptics who now are regulars online and support the website themselves in various ways.
Also to those people who 1) keep telling me to prove Tuomas supports us by getting him to email/write/call 2) those who ask for his contact details endlessly over and over... Please don't waste your time with these requests. To contact Tuomas write to his management in letter form, all emails I get are appreciated and are lovely and I do tell Tuomas this, but please understand I cannot forward 50+ emails to him a day and I will never share any of his contact details.

I hope this has cleared some things up for some people.

Normal service to the blog will resume next post



  1. You go girl!! Well spoken...Too bad you have to take the time for nonsense...
    All your hard work and dedication is so appreciated!
    Keep smiling!!


  2. :) Haha :) Love you Carol :D .... I never realised people were still asking you for his details lol :)

  3. God, some people need to grow up. The fact is that most of them are probably just jealous that you do know Tuomas and they don't!
    All the work you do is amazing, and I'm glad you're mature enough not to take all the stupid hating to heart :)

    Nice one!

  4. Well said, almighty mod god ;)
    Some people have no other hobbies than criticising. And like Sofi said in the comment above, most of them are jealous.

  5. Well done ;-)
    They are just jealous and I don't think they really read your stuff. Otherwise they would know better...
    Keep going!

  6. Good for you Carol! you tell em. i absolutely LOVE your site and im so glad im a part of it! i think only a true fan of Tuomas/NW would be.

  7. Thanks or support all- Ive had emails too. It doesnt get to me, this is more of a "why bother" message to those people