Saturday, 20 October 2012

Blogging and credibility

Some people enjoy reading other people's blogs and some people loathe it. However celebrity blogs are commonly read by people who fall into both these categories.
I've witnessed recently a divide of people who read a celebrity blog, some claim it's nothing but attention seeking and at times childish, while others hang on the posters every word.

Do blogs really go too personal sometimes? In my opinion, yes. I've blogged for a while though not very regular and I find sometimes as I'm typing, things get wrote down without thinking too much about what I've wrote. But who am I? I'm just a Jane Doe going through life and writing stuff down which makes sense to me, but probably only the minority will understand me fully. For a celebrity, every blog is scrutinized and ripped apart. Some people seem to get caught up, and for want of a better word, starstruck when reading the celebrity blog. Meaning for them that person can do no wrong. Whatever they have posted, the reader will defend. However looking from an objective angle, sometimes you can read the posts and think 'oh boy why on Earth did you post that?'.

Sometimes you can say things you really shouldn't on a blog. As I'm writing this now, it's hard not to go in full on rant about some things I've read recently etc. For a 'Jane Doe' who cares? It's our opinion and we are only small fry so what we say really doesn't ripple the ocean so much. But when a celebrity posts something they really should not of, the ripples turn into tidal waves and then act all innocent and bemused it cause so much controversy. Some people just seriously do not think before they type. Sometime emotion takes over them and they have a good old rant and then post it publicly for thousands to read. I've done this myself and I think majority have. Perhaps its not a blog, maybe its an email or a text message, regardless of the format most of us done it. Now I know from my experience its never usually a good outcome, so if needed I use a trick told to me by a good friend. Rant away as much as you like, type type and type some more. Once it's done, read it, then delete it.

Some celebrities have made this mistake countless times over. Some say they have not learned, some say they don't care and just want the drama for attention, some say diva who gives a shit about anyone but themselves and some say they are entitled to air rants/dirty laundry/disputes in public. Personally I'm a mix, sure you are entitled to say what you want, but you have to word it the right way. There are ways of saying what you want without it sounding like you're on your high horse and you're the best and infinitely right in everything  you say and do. But some topics are a no go. Sometimes some things should not be public, these ones are usually the biggest in splitting the category of blog readers.

Whatever your 'category' of reader, I think we can all agree that sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut.

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