Saturday, 27 October 2012

This is what happens when 3 people chose the same day to reply to you..

I'm looking at my white board on my office wall and there is no space left to write anything.

It's filled with what's left to organise before my trip and what is to do when I return. What to do whilst away and what to remember to take with me. A few days ago this list was not as big.

Rewind to Thursday. It was due to be my day off. I had informed the site teams that I won't be online on Thursday, me=busy that day. It started a nice day with Ethan sleeping in till 9 instead of the usual 6:30. So up and downstairs for wash and breakfast. We were not due to leave the house until 11:45 so we had plenty time as didn't rush. After breakfast I went upstairs to get dressed, it was around about 10:30. As I had turned off push emails over night on my phone I decided to check them as I got ready as I never expected anything important. I put my phone down as I got ready and then *beep* *beep* *beep*... messages. After I looked at my phone I shouted downstairs 'I have to sort some things I'll be an hour'. Typically I had less than an hour left.

So first message was from a friend John who wanted help in the train prices and times for travel within the UK and cheapest way to get to Amsterdam. I started researching the dates he gave, looking up the general prices etc and I got it pretty much finished when another email popped up. I finished what I needed to for John then read the new email.
It was from Ewo, there had been a change of heart and the UK club could now have meet and greets. Fantastic news! Only problem was time to organise and make sure all the club members were aware with enough time to enter competition to join us. Then another email.. change of hotel location, frantically I tried to contact Alex to ask him if it's fine we moved hotel.. he was in University and would have to wait till he was finished. 20 minutes left till I had to leave, cutting it fine.

Then another message popped up. This time from 'The flying Dutch Women' confirming we can sit and chat for the UK club at some point during the tour. *side note: Just read her blog and made me smile how happy she seems singing with the guys. I'm really looking forward to the UK shows and Helsinki.

Alex came online.. great! I threw all the info at him and I think he panicked a bit. He agreed to draft up the club announcements while I was away during the day and we could go over it on the night and post it. Agreeing I left to the cinema. (Go see Looper, really good!)

Back home I came online and Alex had the majority of the announcement wrote. In true Islanders fashion, we used google drive to write everything out so we can edit in real time with each other then as it went 8 o'clock it all went up. So we have to work on bits for this but can't do anything till next week now. Good bye 'day off Thursday'.

Currently it's Saturday and I'm looking at the things I have to take to Glasgow and panicking  We have a competition already running with the UK club so I have a big canvas plus my suitcase to get onto public transport from Durham to Glasgow. This will be fun!

During next week I have to find time to take my Mother to her hospital appointments, get my hair done, take Ethan to his speech therapy (though might reschedule this as it's suppose to be the morning of the day I travel), organise and send out new club memberships and renewals and a few more things. I'm soo glad I no longer work at that care home anymore, there is simply no way I could do all this and work a full time job.

To be continued..


  1. Sounds like you're a bit stressed at the moment! I'm sure it'll be fine in the end and everything will work out, you always manage! And so great that you got some meet&greet! That's fantastic! (*is jealous, because she doesn't belong to the Islanders fanclub*) I'm looking forward to meeting you again next week! Watch out for me, I'll be taking Karelian pies! ;)

  2. Hehe I was stressed Thursday but I'm actually fine at present. Lets see what I'm like Wed/Thurs :)

  3. Probably freaking out, but you always manage, somehow. I know everything will work really well, it's pretty obvious to all the people that know you! ;) And the pies and the pulla will give you some extra energy! ;)

  4. Hi Carol, how are u?
    I think i left a comment on your previous entry but cannot see it. Did u get it? =)

    Have a really good weekend!