Monday, 29 October 2012

Time.. something I lack

So it's Monday and the majority of the day I have been on the phone to Mother. As of now, 14:47, she has called me 6 times and I have already visited this morning. It's driving me crazy. She just calls for stupid things.

I might be lucky with my suitcase. I've got together everything I can think I need for the tour and it looks like it will all fit into my smallest suitcase. Which is great news and it's a lightweight case and since I have 2 whopping big canvases to carry to Glasgow on the train too, it's better to have a small lighter case.

It's packed with 4 UK club hoodies in so once they are out and given to who they are for, it will have even more space in it.

I had a fanatic search for my camera charger earlier. Typically it's not a usb charging one, have to take the battery out and put it in it's own charger and it took me ages to find it. I envisioned having to pay some stupid price for another. There is one charger I can't find though and that's for my portable battery (apparently holds 5 iPhone charges). So as it may be useful , I'm going to have to have another search.

Tomorrow I have UK member packs to do and mail then have stuff to do for Mother. Wednesday up to now is a free day. Thursday is hairdressers and Mother again, then Friday morning I leave so I'm running out of time to make sure I have everything done and organised.

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