Saturday, 13 October 2012

P-time approaches

(P for party)

Holy biscuits! It's been since July since I did a blog update!!! Erm... ops.

So last time I did a horrible, embarrassing attempt at a vlog. I can't even remember what I was going on about in it, I presume work. - I deleted it sorry it was too bad to stay up hah!

Anyway.. what has happened since my last post here. Well I quit my job, I could no longer handle working with Nightwish during the day, being a Mom and then working night shift as well. So now I work from home concentrating on the Nightwish sites and I get to see my son a lot more so that's a lot better.

It's 3 weeks until the UK tour starts and myself and co-admin of the UK club are going to all the shows and then onto Helsinki for the premier. After the premier Alex will return to Blighty and I'll head off in an Easterly direction towards some town called Kitee to play Santa Claus to 'someone'.

My schedule:

Fri 2nd Nov = Travel to Glasgow
Sat 3rd = Travel to Manchester & Fan party
Sun 4th = Nurse hangover & Nightwish show
Mon 5th = Travel to London & Nightwish show
Tues 6th = Travel to Birmingham & Nightwish show
Wed 7th = Travel to Glasgow, Nightwish show and curry.
Thur 8th = Nurse hangovers, chill and do nothing
Fri 9th = Travel to Helsinki & eat at restaurant with friends
Sat 10th = Meat Toni for a coffee & Nightwish show and iRum premier
Sun 11th = Say bye to Alex & get train to Kitee then onto where friend lives.
Mon 12th = Meet with friends, sharing of Christmas gifts and other things
Tues 13th = Train to Helsinki, Fly to Glasgow, chill.
Wed 14th = Train back home.

That's not whole itinerary, we have things going on at towns visiting so if you see me and I look a bit zombified you know the reason.

People have asked us to document the traveling for a bit of fun, so we decided we will film daily vlogs and upload them for people to watch. Hopefully the same night depending on internet where we are.

We did a really cool fanzine with the UK club. Big special feature about the movie which sold like wildfire!
We are now doing a pre-order for the second edition (why pre-order? because it costs us so much to get them printed and we are non profit so pre-order needed to actually buy the printing) If you want to pre-order or more info then look here:

I'll try post more often again, but this post is long enough for now.



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