Monday, 27 December 2010

Google and other random additions.

Well our website finally hit page 1 of google today, (also bing and yahoo but only google really counts) so pretty happy about it. Of course the old site is still above. Will take a bit for us to pass them as they been around a couple more years. This is great news for promotion and with the changes I'm working on means interesting things coming 1st quarter of the new year.

Busy day at work today, usually busy days go fast but today didn't. 15 mins for lunch as we didn't have time for more, which is a bit evil but I checked my emails on my lunch to find one from Tuomas which always makes me happy and hyper, that helped continue with the rest of the slow working day.

I am on sorting out the February project this week (Thursday/Friday) as off work those days, and I will be starting to get London fan gathering timetable/member lists coming finalised in the next fortnight.

Not much more to report as most of the things I'm doing are work in progress, so I will add as things progress.

Sleep well all


  1. Hi :)

    Just so you know, I still can't find it.. I'll get there!
    And I have to say, taunting! :P

    Anyways, good luck with sorting of the project and I will finally say, sending my letter tomorrow if I get out to the post office (which I will!) Hopefully it'll make it in time :D

    Anyway, end of comment :)

    Your spacial raven,

  2. Finally page 1 (even on German Google). :))