Sunday, 19 December 2010

Healthy again

After a week of feeling pretty rotten, I'm finally healthy again. I've never had flu so bad that I could barely even stand which was annoying with me just starting a new job.
It's going to get very cold and heavy snow in UK again over this next week. Looks like we will have a white Christmas after all!

I don't have a whole lot to report website wise except I had to get a captcha system installed. I know it's a pain but we have some annoying shopping site bots posting spam and some were not really suitable for under 18's to read. Hopefully this will stop them :)

I'm still hunting for more people to get involved in our February project, we are doing ok but few more would be nice.

So upcoming this next week we have Tuomas' name day, Christmas and of course Tuomas' 34th birthday. Busy week heh


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  2. Like I said good to hear that you feel healthy again. :D Did the Maestro received his gift yet?


  3. It looks indeed like we're getting a white Christmas here as well. It-just-keeps-snowing. Very annoying when you need to cycle to somewhere and the busses don't drive on time anymore... I'm happy you're feeling better again. It must suck deeply to feel bad, have to go to work, and having to look after a kid at the same time... Don't stress yourself out too much eh? ;) You can always count on me and Ocean if we can help with something too ;)

    xxxxxies from Rebecca