Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow, Hockey and more snow

Well it's the third day I have been practically "snowed in" at home. This morning involved waking at 6:30, digging the snow away to be able to open my garage door..15 feet later of driving and the car got stuck. So I gave in, came inside got hot cup of coffee and all is well. As I type this we have yet more heavy snow and its -4 at the moment.. I don't think I will be going anywhere today.

The snow cannot dampen my mood though as I'm planning a little something special on our website after chatting with Tuomas last night. Some people ask me what do we email about, well mostly.. Ice Hockey. We found it's a common interest so always good to chat about something not work related.

Don't forget we have our London meeting coming up and check our forums for some things we are arranging.

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