Thursday, 9 December 2010

Today was suppose to be relaxing but...

plans never work out do they?

Well my bad day started last night actually, the server for the website had a critical error and went offline. Things happen I thought, but got out of bed this morning and our website was still down. Typically this server error hit our site the hardest and deleted our database, so this started the day perfectly with a frantic call to the host tech support.
So about 2 hours later we finally have it back up and running, one hitch the only backup that survived was from the 4th of December. We lost over 25 new member registrations and 100's of forum posts, yes both can be replaced but it's still annoying.

The next thing which got me riled up was the following. Being at work yesterday I was not in the house to accept a parcel too big to be delivered. The mailman put a note through the box to say it will be taken to the local post office and I can collect there, fair enough. I went this morning and stood in the queue for about 15 minutes until finally my turn. I handed the card to the women behind the desk who looked through the pile or parcels behind her then looked elsewhere, another 15 minutes later she came back with "Sorry I can't find it". I said to her it was not acceptable and she just shrugged her shoulders at me, so I was expected to just walk away and try again later.

On a positive note: Hans Zimmer received his star on the walk of fame yesterday. About time to be honest.

Hopefully my next post will be more uplifting


  1. *sends lots of hugs*
    The damn server. I still remember what happened last time. -.-

  2. Yeah, I'm going to look at our options. It's just a cost issue atm