Sunday, 26 December 2010

Xmas is the sales begin

Well Christmas came and went for another year. I had the typical family Christmas- eating as much as you can in one day.
Ethan is still too young to understand but he enjoyed playing with all his new toys, I once again was resident taxi which meant for the 6th year running no drinking for me. Next year I plan to have Christmas at my house and people can come to me for once :)

Boxing day sales start in most of UK shops today, mine included. So we braced ourselves for some onslaught and got nothing but crap through the doors. We were busy, but the quality was not there so when checking what sales etc you did they looked pathetic. To top it all, when handing the customers over to pay; the cashiers we give the customers to were not putting the sales under our names... less money showing on our reports. 3 more days to go.

On a website note, Tuomas got some lovely birthday messages so I will have to let him know and give him access to that thread on forum if he wants to read them. Also huge thanks to all the PM's and emails I got wishing me a nice Christmas- the love and support of the fans is overwhelming.

Right now I just got home from work so I'm sat, feet up and watching Charlie and The Chocolate factory. Amazing Johnny Depp in it, so funny.

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  1. I hope you had a nice T-mas Carol :3 As I read above, it was, not counting the fact you couldn't have drinks xD Next year will be better :P

    Myself I've been to family the 25th and the 26th of December. It was fun. :)

    Have a nice week further

    xxx Rebecca